Marthette vultures update

marthettesMarthette vultures update: In one of my first Marthette vultures updates linking to cliched “who will be the next Martha?” stories, I predicted someone would develop a Marthette vulture reality-show. Sure enough, someone has, reports Variety. CBS has ordered up ten episodes of an untitled talent competion designed to yield a “Martha-esque” domestic superstar.


Contestants will live together and compete in a series of challenges designed to test their skills at party planning, cooking, decorating and other such hallmarks of domesticity. “You might have to throw a dinner party –but then find out we’ve cut off the power,” he said.

Here’s how they could make the show really entertaining. At the end of the tenth episode, tell the winner that instead of becoming a domestic diva, there is a surprise ending: She has to go to prison for six months. (Previous “Marthette vultures updates” can be found here and here and here and here and here and here.)