Wal-You Magazine

giant magWal-You Magazine: Adage.com is reporting “the long-expected announcement of Time Inc. giving the green light to its Wal-Mart project came this morning, as Time Inc. Chairman-CEO Ann Moore and Editor in Chief Norm Pearlstine sent out an internal memo laying out the monthly’s name, All You.”


All You will be a newsstand-only title distributed exclusively through Wal-Mart stores. Its initial rate base — or guaranteed circulation for advertisers — will be 500,000. It will compete against lower-priced women’s service titles, such as Bauer Publishing’s Women’s Worldand First for Women. Those titles typically sell at price points of $1.99.

“I’m so pleased to launch a magazine that speaks directly to this reader. She’s self-reliant and down-to-earth with realistic expectations,” Ms. Moore said in a released statement.

All You will cover topics ranging from home repair to interpersonal relationships, the common thread being “real-life, practical solutions,” Ms. Moore said.

(Rexblog flashbacks: June 13, 2003; February 9, 2004.)

Entrepreneur envy

Entrepreneur envy: Really, there’s no reason to hate a guy who comes up with a way to make yet another fortune by doing something (registration required, etc.) that is brilliant in its simplistic obviousness. However, the real news in this story about Jeffrey Arnold and Lidrock is buried deep within it: His company’s factory, in effect, is returning “outsourced” foreign manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. Now, those low-cost workers in another country are out of work while 100% American red-white-and-blue robots are fully employed.

Giant vaporzine publicity warning

giant magGiant vaporzine publicity warning: Whenever an “independently financed” vaporzine gets previewed by David Carr in the NY Times, I cringe at the thought of the folks behind it confusing that publicity with success. Of course, this is something I’ve said before vociferously. So I’m cringing because in Monday’s Times, Carr reports (registration required, etc.) that a Maxim alum is starting an Entertainment Weekly/Rolling Stone-type magazine aimed at men in their 20s and 30s. The magazine is backed by an initial investment of $200,000 from venture capitalist Morton Meyerson, former CEO of EDS (oh, did we mention he was father-in-law of the founder, another theme here at the rexblog?). I will stop here as the last time I suggested something like this was akin to viewing a train wreck in slow motion, the founding publisher got really ticked off at me. Hey, I just want us all to get along. By the way, I am very impressed that the magazine editors were able to get international male model, Derek Zoolander, to appear on the cover of the vaporzine’s prototype (left).