New, old friend

New, old friend: At dinner last night, I told Jeff Jarvis a story from a decade or so ago about how bizarre (in some ways) it was when I met for the first time “in person” some people I had come to know via an interactive listserv. My “offline” experiences with fellow bloggers, however, have all been delightful. Reading each-other’s blog for months before meeting causes the first conversation to have an inverse-shape to the typical first conversation – jumping straight to the hard questions. I quizzed Jeff (rudely, perhaps) about some the more personal, emotional experiences he’s blogged about right off the bat and waited until much later to ask those normal early questions like, “where’d you go to school?”

It will come as no surprise to anyone who reads his blog, Jeff Jarvis is a delightful, engaging individual. While our vocations mean we know dozens of the same people and have followed lots of the same news in the magazine publishing industry, I doubt we would have ever crossed paths without our weblogs. And I wouldn’t have such a great new, old friend. (Later: What he said.)