Southern exposure.

Southern exposure: I’m attempting to e-mail this post to the rexblog as the news of a recall of Southern Living due to a defective recipe is too hot (sorry) to wait until finding wi-fi. I think SL should have issued a press release expressing shock that readers didn’t recognize that the exploding rolls (made from a mixture Cook’s Illustrated says is “like napalm”) were obviously an April Fools Day prank. (Note to my B’ham friends: Just kidding.)

Later (back home): Wow. My e-mail post from my Treo worked. Although my thumb typing still leaves something to be desired.

2 thoughts on “Southern exposure.

  1. Brings to mind the Three Stooges episode where they are making bathtub hooch. There’s confusion about duties and they come to realize “we all put the yeast in!” before the predictable and eternally funny elixir explosion.

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