Kerrying weight on my shoulder

maskKerrying weight on my shoulder: Can you imagine my surprise yesterday when I got a phone call from the Kerry Campaign inviting me to fly to Boston to personally observe his rotator cuff operation in order to provide a blogger’s view of the procedure. I was very honored to experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of personally observing a presidential candidate not talk for an entire 45-minutes. Kerry was very polite to everyone in the O-R. He didn’t break in line or ask anyone the question, “Don’t you know who I am?” However, he was already sedated when I arrived and did nothing but just lie there. While it’s been reported that he said, “I hope I didn’t reveal any state secrets,” when he awoke, I’ll have to admit that from where I was standing by the defibrillator machine, I thought he actually said, “I hope I didn’t forget to reveal the secret that I’m a Vietnam vet.”

At first I thought it was strange they wanted me to personally blog Kerry’s surgery. However, I learned that his staff had been analyzing presidential preference polling data and discovered that Bush’s approval numbers started heading back up immediately after I blogged a meeting with him a few weeks ago. Apparently, they were hoping I could do the same for Kerry. Hope I helped.

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  1. I suppose the surgical team included many leading foreign doctors, none of whom Kerry would consent to name?

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