Reason to be alarmed?

Reason to be alarmed? David Carr of the NYT reports (registration required, etc.) that the 40,000 home-delivered copies of the June issue of Reason, the monthly libertarian magazine, will have on the cover a satellite photo of the recipient’s neighborhood. And their house will be graphically circled and the headline will say, “John Smith, They Know Where You Are!”


Rodger Cosgrove, president of Entremedia, a direct marketing firm and a member of Reason’s board, assisted in coming up with a program that allows the subscriber list to be integrated with satellite photographs. He also worked with Xeikon, the manufacturer of the printer that made the endless customization possible. “They were interested in showing what this technology could do,” he said, “and we were interested in demonstrating the power of databases to customize information.”

So, is it supposed to be something new that marketers know where we live? I have always thought it was helpful for LL Bean to have that info so I could receive their catalogs in a timely way. However, I do think the cover concept is a great display of personalization and digital printing techniques currently available.

If you want to get a preview of the cover shot of your roof (that’s mine on the right) , I suggest you type in your address at the website, which my son told me about when he was in the fourth or fifth grade. He asked me if I’d every heard of the website, “Glob” explorer.