Blog math

Blog math: Rick Bruner does the numbers on weblogs and here’s the bottom line: there are lots of blogs out there.


As a professional researcher, I take all of these numbers with a pinch of salt. So there may be 2.5 million U.S. bloggers, or there may be 8.8 million. The real question such numbers help answer is, “Is it bigger than a bread box? Are we talking small, medium or large?”

Speaking of Rick, he has a new weblog called Business Blog Consulting on which he has several categories of business-oriented weblogs listed. Good stuff.

(via Buzz Machine)

What to call?

What to call? Just noticed the launch of the vaporzine, Worthwhile Magazine (not to be confused with Worth Magazine), in its pre-launch form as a real-live weblog that has names of real-live blogging luminaries associated with it. As it was never a print magazine in he past and thus does not fall into the dejazine category, I’m fresh out of -zine words to describe it. Here’s the opening blog post from the founder. One of the contributors is David Weinberger who writes, “Worthwhile is about what makes work worthwhile. Its editors – Anita Sharpe and Kevin Salwen – each with serious editorial experience and credentials, are prepping the first issue. I’m proud to be a contributor to the Worthwhile blog, along with Tom Peters, Halley, David Batsone, Rebecca Ryan, Kate Yandoh, and Anita and Kevin.”

Don’t change anything

Don’t change anything: The NYT is reporting (registration required, etc.) that the magazine Martha Stewart’s Living is conducting research into what reader reaction will be if she ends up in jail and whether or not the magazine should change department names, etc., to downplay its Marthaness. Here’s my advice: Don’t waste money on research. Use common sense. Engage in a coversation with your readers. Don’t run away from Martha. She can show anything but arrogance in this matter and survive. Have her apologize. Have her beg forgiveness for her mistakes. But don’t try to run away from her. As I’ve said here many times on this weblog, the mythical Martha Stewart character who is in the magazine is not the human Martha Stewart who will be in jail. Your readers know that. Forget the research.