Does “mother-approved” mean kiss of death?

Does “mother-approved” mean kiss of death? As I’ve said on this weblog a couple of times, Nashville is not Memphis. Both cities are in Tennessee, but they are different. This is a post about a magazine being launched in Memphis, not Nashville…but I will treat it with all the kindness and support I would one being launched in Nashville. (Oh, wait, except for when I said this in the Nashville Business Journal last week.)

pink noteAccording to a feature story by the Baltimore Sun’s Susan Reimer (although I couldn’t find it on the Sun’s site, you can find it here on the free-subscription-required website of the Orlando Sentinel) the magazine Justine is due to hit newsstands in a few days. (I assume it is already printed, thus it is officially no longer a vaporzine.)

The magazine is for teenage girls and its editor, Jana Pettey, says it is “mother-approved.”


Wholesome isn’t hot. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for a magazine like Justine, which will debut April 13. “We think there is another way to look at teen life,” said editor Jana Pettey from her office in Memphis, Tenn. — a very un-New York place to publish a magazine. “This magazine hits the middle of the road. We are aiming at the girls who really live out there.”

The first issue has a regular girl, not a celebrity, on the cover and loads of fashion, beauty and style stuff inside. The editorial content is written in what Pettey calls “sound bites.” Just nuggets of information. Nothing that looks like tonight’s homework assignment.

She calls her magazine “a safe place to relax.” A girl can flip to any page without fear of being hit in the nose with Cosmo Girl sex questions or Teen Voguewardrobe impossibilities.

I assume that by calling it “mother-approved,” Jana Pettey means they won’t be running ads for PETA.