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si coverDetritus Magazine: Gee. This New Yorker Talk of the Town piece about the editorial process used by Stanford students producing the annual parody issue of The Stanford Chaparral sounds like a typical week at Hammock Publishing. This year, those whacky Chappie kids decided to produce a parody of a pile of papers found on the desk of Ronald Rembrandt DeLa Duffy. You can purchase a copy of the “very important files” for yourself, or, if you prefer, send me $5 and I’ll grab a file out of one of my drawers and send you that instead. On second thought, forget that second idea.(via

(Chappie extra: “Ad Review Weekly Reviews Magazines and Their Ads”)

Update: Upon reflection, the Chappie parody reminds me of a post I made a while back about Found Magazine, which is comprised of random trash its editor digs up (which, come to think of it, describes lots of magazines.)

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  1. This article brings back very unpleasant memories of my worst experience on the Vanderbilt student paper. I am actually surprised, as long ago as it was, that I still have such a sinking feeling in my stomach when I think about it. Each year, the VU Hustler staff would do an April Fool’s issue called The Hassler. I cannot describe further except to say that one unfortunate part of the issue my junior year should have been pulled, but its signficance was missed by a sleepy editor [umm me] late at night and therefore it ran. It led to forums on campus, angry letters to the editor, etc., etc., all of which were right. Ugh. I’m going to sit in the corner for a while now.

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