The whole money & weblogs thing

The whole money & weblogs thing: This week I’ll be posting a few more items than usual about blogging as a business. (I know: I can no longer claim I don’t blog about bloggin.) On Saturday, I’ll be attending Bloggercon and am looking forward to what folks share during the session on this topic led by Jeff Jarvis. As a follow-up to the piece I wrote for Business Media Magazine about business-to-business magazines and weblogs, here’s a link to a piece by Rebecca Lieb about the transition of the weblog BoingBoing from blog to business. Frankly, however, the BoingBoing experience is not a new phenomenon. Such ground-up online media as the Drudge Report, and Slash-Dot-Org (to name just a few) have travelled the same trail from “hobby to business” now being trekked by BoingBoing (and, no doubt, many other weblogs). The property can be profitable, but “a media empire”? That hyperbole likely won’t bounce.