Scary Nashville item

waxScary Nashville news: Speaking of BoingBoing, we’re it not for that weblog, I would not know about this priceless collection of country music wax figures up for sale on eBay. (Warning, the eBay page includes a really bad MIDI version of Dueling Banjos.)

Update: Thanks to the Nashville Post, we now know what’s up with these bizarre wax figures. (As I always point out, the Nashville Post is a subscription site, but well worth the price.)

According to a story just posted, the wax figures are from the Music Valley Wax Museum. (Not to be confused with the Country Music Wax Museum, which is also trying to dispose a similar collection.) The museum is located near the giant convention complex, Gaylord Opryland Hotel, in suburban Nashville. The hotel once included a large theme park, but several years ago, the park was demolished and replaced with the massive “shoppertainment” complex called Opry Mills and dubbed “Shopryland,” by some local wags.


“With Opryland closing, there are not as many families; there are more corporate people,” said developer and owner of the museum’s building John A. Hobbs. “The property would be worth a little more as something else. This is not a ‘have to sell.’ The building’s paid for, we still have a profitable business. The stockholders just want to go a different avenue.”

The decision to put the museum up for sale was made about a month ago. The Buy It Now Price on eBay is listed at $750,000, which with the original sets, clothing, and about fifty wax figures, Hobbs explained he thinks is a good, fair price.

There is no minimum bid, and Hobbs added, “we might stay on this for two years. We would like to sell it as a set, but if it doesn’t sell as a whole, we could sell it as individual. If someone wants to buy Alan Jackson, they could just buy him. We’ll go so long as we need.”