Visions from Users Session 9 a.m.

Visions from Users Session 9 a.m., Bloggercon II : Very web-wonkishness discussion about, uh, stuff that you can skip over if you don’t blog, for existence:

  • About half the people in the room (including some brand-name gurus) hard code HTML tags into their posts (those whose display have wigged out due to my inept code-writing know that I fall in this group).
  • Why do we blog? Are bloggers the nerds from high school? Obviously some in the session believe so. Sorry, guys. Not my experience.
  • Wow. Survey of what platform people use. Not many of any: Only a few movabletype folks, blogger and a bunch of things I’ve never heard of…including self-coded one. Tinderbox? Sounds cool. This room is filled with people who know too much. Radio, Manila were created here created by a guy in this room (thanks, Steve for the clarification), so there are several users (including all the Harvard students in the room).
  • RSS readers: Getting into a discussion about feature-sets of readers.
  • What do people want? I’m going to have to find someone who is transcribing this and link to them. Esoteric feature sets are being bounced around. Note to developers: Keep it simple. Don’t add all these features for early adopters who will bounce around to every platform that comes along.
  • People engage in community in different ways: some comfortable in forums, others in comments, others in weblogs.
  • Dave Winer says, “I hate to be argumentative about this.” Since when? Just kidding. He’s making a good point about how difficult it is to get a feature accepted universally.
  • Someone says, “I’d like to draw pictures easily.” Dan Bricklin (how’s that for having a hall-of-famer sitting down the row) says, “Here’s how to do that.”
  • Survey of the room: How many use something more than text…Everyone. Pictures, mainly. But surprisingly serveral who add audio and video. Sorry, you’ll have to go somewhere else to get the names of all the solutions being suggested.
  • Question: If a weblog has no text, but is only video and audio, is it a blog? My answer: Why wouldn’t it be?
  • I am totally inept at IRC. I have it opened and can see all the participants, but I don’t know how to get the messages to display. Fortunately, there are people within a few feet of me who can help me figure this out.

    (Later: Comments about this session on other blogs: Liloia)

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