Making Blogs Make Money Session 3:00, Bloggercon II

Making Blogs Make Money Session 3:00, Bloggercon II: This session is putting together a “take-away” wiki related to the whole money-making aspect of weblogs. Here is the Wiki. I’ll keep notes here, but the real good bullet points are there. My friend Jeff Jarvis is leading the session.

Advertising: selling yourself.

Stowe Boyd (who is sitting next to me, says he sells several thousands of dollars of ads each month. Cool.

Advertising: Adsense – lots doing it…$100 a month.

Jeff loves “creating network”….like food blogs tied into epicurious.

Corante and founders are both here and give overview of what their model is.

(My take: Sounds very, And the worst,

Become a media property:

Partner w/ someone
Build a trade site
build a local site with local adverisers
Build a brand and sell out

(I’m not on IRC, but, hey, Rafat. I’m giving you a shout out.)

Discussion moves to hyperlocal blogging…is there a business model?

Jeff is doing a great job of moving things forward and, frankly, the wiki is doing a much better job than me of covering what is going on.

What about affiliate store: One person says it covers his hosting fees. No one else seems impressed with the revs it generates for their blogs.

Selling products:

Does anyone make any money from Cafepress? Laughs, “Cafe press does.”

Blog for hire.

Lots of ideas flying. Check the wiki.

I can’t keep up with all the interesting anecdotes that people are sharing…testimonies of how people have had “life changing” experiences: job offers, book deals, writing gigs. Rather inspiring.

I’m signing off, for now. I’ll blog a “round-up” post on Sunday with some thoughts about the day…and the state of blogging.