High hopes

High hopes: Peter Carlson of the Washington Post reviews the new High Times Magazine.


High Times still covers the weed — and runs full-color centerfolds of voluptuous pot buds — but since January it has expanded its coverage of the rest of the world. In recent issues, High Times has published articles on prostitution, bike messengers, comedian Dave Chappelle, a Colombian guerrilla, singer Ani DiFranco, education reform and a piece on Arnold Schwarzenegger by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Gary Webb. “The idea is to elevate the argument instead of just preaching to the converted,” says Richard Stratton, High Times’s new publisher and editor in chief. “We want to attract new readers, including people who might not smoke pot.”

I’m not an expert in these things, but it appears to me that Stratton was likely smoking pot when he said people who might not smoke pot will be attracted to High Times.

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  1. Funny, Bill. As you were a student at Columbia in the late sixties, I am sure there are entire semesters you don’t remember.

  2. I do recall most of freshman year. Sadly, as I was there in the 60s and most of this blog’s readers can do the math, they understand why there are entire meetings held now that I don’t remember.

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