Blog connections

Blog connections: My day job and blogging haven’t often intersected (while I publish magazines and this blog is about magazines, it rarely – by my choice – covers the topics our magazines cover), but they are more-and-more. Here’s an example of how they connect: Nashville blogger Bill Hobbs has been all over an issue here in Tennessee that will undo for small businesses some of the benefits of recent tax-releif at the federal level. As soon as he first reported it, I linked to his coverage and forwarded his coverage to my professional friends at our client, NFIB, to let them know what Hobbs was uncovering. NFIB/Tennessee state director Rob Ikard was aware of the issue and was already setting into motion a survey of Tennessee NFIB members on the issue. Rob is a regular reader of Bill’s blog, but was so busy on the state’s capitol hill that week he had not seen Bill’s coverage until I alerted him. Well, to make a long story (in which I played no part in, but am applauding) short, NFIB is now officially opposing the measure (as noted on a site I have a “day-job” relationship with) and which is being reported by Bill.