Earth Day magazine post

Earth Day magazine post: In honor of Earth Day, this weblog would like to point to a Seattle Times profile of the quarterly magazine (“well, stapled newsletter”) Frugal Environmentalist, “that explores Earth-friendly ways of doing things without spending a lot of money.”


Lisa Farino and Peter Luyckx, who moved to Seattle from Vermont in November, are working on the 20-page magazine’s sixth issue, which will offer advice on staying cool in the summer, reducing your contribution to smog, and cooking with summer crops such as the blessed tomato and ubiquitous zucchini.

Speaking of Earth Day, here is a link to a web-tool found on my blogroll of magazine resources that lets publishers calculate how many trees are used in the production of their magazines. Also, in honor of Earth Day, I will link to a site where you can download fact-sheets from the paper industry.