Hi-O, Hi-O, it’s on the road we go

o magazineHi-O, Hi-O, it’s on the road we go: A sold-out Atlanta-stop on an event-tour geared toward subscribers of O, The Oprah Magazine, drew 3,000 in Atlanta yesterday. The women (“women” is the word used by AP to describe those in the audience) “paid $45 each to hear Winfrey speak and to learn lifestyle tips on healthy eating, matching wine with food and yoga.” The “Hi Gorgeous Tour” goes to Kansas City and Jersey City next month.

Side note I: A one-year subscription to O, The Oprah Magazine costs $18 at the rexblog magazine affiliate store on Amazon.com (and you can purchase one for as low as $15 per year elsewhere). A sub-group of that subscriber base is willing to pay $45 to spend three hours with Oprah talking about yoga and how to feel good about oneself. There’s a lesson in there somewhere for other magazine brands. However, in this case, I think Oprah could put her name on about anything and charge whatever she wants and her audience would line up to purchase it. And this is good. She’s always had fans here in Nashville.

Side note II: Seeing the post below about Henry Luce and then this makes me believe that if Luce were alive today, he’d be Oprah Winfrey.