Music City welcomes Bloggercon III?

Music City welcomes Bloggercon III? Via Steve Warwick Kirks (whose blog is named “The House of Warwick”) (who lives in Missouri), I’ve learned that Robert Cox (who lives in the New York City vicinity) is suggesting that Bloggercon III be held in Nashville.

As someone without a vested interest in it…I would like to propose Nashville, Tennessee as the next location. A number of years ago, in planning a family reunion, I discovered that Nashville is centrally located in the United States when you weight the country by population. More people are within a reasonable distance from Nashville than anywhere else in the country.

Since, as best I can determine, I was the only Nashvillian to attend Bloggercon II, I obvioiusly think this idea sounds good. I will be more than happy to pull together a host committee and secure all the appropriate venues and local sponsorship necessary. I agree with Robert that there are at least two universities here which could likely host the event. I can think of some natural alliances (for example, the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University and the Nashville Technology Council) who may have interest in participation or sponsorship. And yes, despite many of them living a couple hours east of Nashville, the Rocky Top Brigade would be rite-friendly group to welcome folks.

And, as Robert noted, Tennessee (although not Nashville) has a genuine blogging superstar who perhaps could be coaxed into appearing. (I have not had the honor of meeting Professor Reynolds, but he once pointed to this humble weblog). And I know my fellow Nashville blogger Bill Hobbs would be on board.

Easy and inexpensive flights into Nashville via Southwest would also make it attractive.

Dave, just say the word. We’ll start vacuuming the red carpet.

9 thoughts on “Music City welcomes Bloggercon III?

  1. What is it with me and messing up the names of fellow bloggers? Makes me think of the opening of the Simpsons and I’m Bart writing on the chalk board, “I will not mess up names. I will not mess up names. I will not mess up names.”

  2. Rex:

    I would say that it might be a great time for a “business-oriented” BloggerCon. While university support lends an air of credibility and cache, I’d like to throw out the idea that an opportunity to make money is like blood in the water to some.

    You’ve got leadership experience and write a weblog, qualifications enough to run the show. I’m nominating you to take this ball and run for the goaline. Set a date, publicize it and let’s see what happens.

  3. I’ve already suggested to one of the BloggerCon II organizers that Nashville and specifically Belmont University host b-con3. Belmont’s “new Century Journalism” program I think would love to play host. The program is heavily focused on media convergence and digital/online journalism, in which blogs play a role. Plus, Vandy doesn’t have a journalism department.

  4. I’m convinced. Belmont has my vote…can’t wait to find out more about your journalism program as well.

  5. As another Nashville blogger, I would be happy to support this and play whatever role is required to make it happen. Thanks, Rex.

  6. On behalf of the Knoxville arm of the RTB, I’m sure all of us would be glad to participate.

    Well, most of us – who knows what Glen thinks?

  7. I second (third?) the suggestion for BloggerCon in Tennessee- Belmont would be an excellent location. Plus, Bongo Java, the coffee shop adjacent to Belmont has full wi-fi capabilities.

    We’re like hi-tech ‘n stuff here too ya know….

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