Making money with weblogs update

Making money with weblogs follow-up: Since I’ve been receiving e-mail related to the topic of making money from weblogs ever since I wrote an article on the topic and blogged the Bloggercon II session moderated by Jeff Jarvis on the “business of blogging,” I couldn’t let this weblog’s serendipitous good fortune I discovered yesterday escape without trying to make a buck off it. From its referrer log, I noticed that the rexblog was receiving traffic from google searches of the word, “hammock”. (Ironically, it’s my last name, but I have never owned one.) I tried the search myself and discovered the rexblog shows up on the front page results…even higher than the URL associated with my day job, So, to be of service to those who are surfing the web in search of a great hammock, I’ve set up an affiliate relationship with the fine folks at and have added some promotional text in the upper left-hand corner conveniently located for those who have stumbled here looking for a rope swing and not for its scintillating news and commentary. I will keep you posted of my success in this new venture as a hammock entrepreneur.

On a related topic, I’m still working on my next rexblog money-making get rich quick scheme that I hope may somehow take advantage of where this weblog shows up when you search Google for “how to make money from weblogs”.