RSS feeds as art?

RSS feeds as art? I followed a link to the rexblog via Technorati from a place(?) on the web I believe is called /r – echos/ (below the name are the following words: reblog / rebloging / feedonfeeds / permanent reconstruction / personnal news agregator / news scanner). The page, which I must describe as art rather than, well, anything else, appears to be the work of Jerome Rigaud (I’ll be happy to correctly identify the artist if I’m doing my typical name botching). I don’t know quite how to describe what he (they? she?) is doing other than to say the page uses a hack of the server-side RSS aggregator Feed on Feeds to gather content that is re-published in a creatively chaotic fashion.

For example, the site displays my post about A9 from last Thursday like this:


This isn’t for everyone, but I find the effort fascinating. Dig a little deeper and he also explores from an artistic point-of-view the workings of his website, for example, something he calls, “my logs study“. I’m fascinated with where he’s heading, perhaps because I have absolutely no idea where that may be or why he wants to go there. But, that’s usually where the interesting stuff is found.

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