Custom publishing update: Benetton’s Colors

Custom publishing update: Benetton’s Colors: The NY Times continues its coverage of the dawn of the Kurt Andersen-era at Benetton’s magazine, Colors. The magazine’s official launch date was yesterday. Should be great for Andersen fans like me.


“It has been very focused on misery and pain,” said Mr. Andersen, promising that future issues would be a blend of old Life magazine and National Geographic….

“The idea of overseeing a quarterly, just selfishly, was very appealing to me,” Mr. Andersen said. “It gives me exactly as much magazine involvement as I want to have, given the other stuff I’m doing.” The staff includes Simon Dumenco, who is executive editor, and Emily Oberman and Bonnie Siegler, both of the graphic design firm Number 17, who have given new punch to (the magazine’s) original look….

Mr. Andersen doesn’t see any loss of prestige in being associated with a magazine subsidized by a maker of trendy clothes. “I suppose a certain kind of traditional, highly serious journalist would say, `Kurt, are you out of your mind?,’ ” Mr. Andersen said, shrugging. “But if I had listened to them, I would have never started Spy, either.”

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