Window seat photo gallery

Window seat photo gallery: While tracking down some information about magazines that are allowing (encouraging?) reporters to blog (any suggestions, e-mail me), I ran across Wired Magazine Blogs and the Leander Kahney (from wired weblog, “The Cult of Mac.” And on that, I found a post about a screen saver that turns your Mac’s monitor into an airplane window (sounds strange, but it’s pretty cool). Well, that reminded me about some amazing airplane window seat photography Doc Searl’s recently posted and how seeing that had inspired me to shoot the picture below out my window seat recently. And that made me remember that I had not posted it. I was on an American flight around 5:30 p.m. and it was shortly after taking off from Reagan National Airport. It was shot with my always handy Cannon PowerShot S330. Click on photo for larger view.:

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  1. This reader would happily share his spotlit-midnight photo of the same monument with the other bloggerzens. Taken from near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. You know where it is, Rex, so feel free to add it if you like. Be a nice contrast.

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