Did I miss something? Mediaposts’ Larry Dobrow profiles the weekly newspaper-supplement magazine American Profile using this opening paragraph:

Callers to the New York headquarters of American Profile are greeted by a chipper voice that describes the weekly title as “the magazine for and about the millions of Americans that cherish hometown life.” And while any number of publications that celebrate small-town living make similar boasts– usually with strings swelling in the background–American Profile makes the description seem less cliché than mission statement.

How come on the publication’s website, it says American Profile is published by Publishing Group of America (PGA), a Franklin, Tennessee-based media company if their “headquarters” are in New York? The magazine is a celebration of small-town America. Wouldn’t it make more sense, even if the advertising sales and business decisions are handled in New York, to claim the small-town of Franklin, where you’ll find the editors and designers of the magazine, as your headquarters and pretend that New York is, well, a spot where the “suits” hang out?

(Later: I’ve thought about it and the advertising people who read Media Post may prefer thinking it is a New York-based publication. It reminds me of recently walking off a busy street near Times Square into a building and up the elevator and stepping into the offices of “Country Living.”)