Proudly, a custom-published association magazine

Proudly, a custom-published association magazine: A new magazine from Hammock Publishing officially launched over the weekend: the rebranded, redesigned and re-engerized Ride PWC Magazine, the bi-monthly magazine for members of the American Watercraft Association (AWA).

Here’s what the official press release says:

The AWA represents the owners of personal watercraft (PWC), including customers and dealers, and is the only consumer-based organization committed to defending members’ right to ride. As the primary benefit of AWA membership, Ride helps members get the most out of their PWCs.

“We believe the new Ride better captures the fun of the PWC lifestyle with features on family vacation spots, day-trip suggestions, heroes in the PWC community, safety tips, racing news and much more,” says Rex Hammock, president of Hammock Publishing, the custom publisher of the magazine on behalf of AWA.

Unofficially, I’ll proudly (and shamelessly) give major kudos to the Ride Magazine team at Hammock Publishing and their counterparts at AWA who have created a terrific new magazine that is being enthusiastically received by PWC owners and advertisers, alike. (Here’s a page where you can see some sample spreads.) Better yet, they have provided me with a respectible excuse to leave the office and head to the lake. I know: It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

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  1. Old Hickory Lake level warning; it’s too shallow for you to get the “Rex de Mer” up the creek where I live. yes, it is true, literally, I am up the creek.

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