Spice it up

Spice it up: While I long-ago stopped the rexblog jokes about Samir Husni‘s lively (and omnipresent) quotes in news articles about magazines (any magazine), I must say this Crane’s Chicago article about Playboy’s blandness would have been much more lively if the reporter had interviewed the professor.

For example, last December, he told a reporter this:

“Playboy is stuck in the ’70s….The last you heard about it was the Jimmy Carter interview. All of a sudden, the magazine froze in time.” While magazines such as Maxim, FHM and Men’s Health address the contemporary man, he said, Playboy now contends with the perception that “this was my grandparents’ magazine.”

Last September, Samir told the WP’s Peter Carlson essentially what today’s Crane’s Chicago article is about:

“I don’t think the magazine will attract younger readers until Hefner retires…My students tell me, ‘That’s my grandfather’s magazine.’ It’s not easy to tell somebody, ‘It’s been a great 50 years, now step aside.’ But it’s time for him to exit.”

And then, there’s my favorite, all-time Samir Husni quote, one to a reporter for the Orlando Sentinnel last September:

“Can you imagine a 20-year-old opening the magazine and, on page 10 every month, there’s a picture of a 77-year-old man, popping Viagra, surrounded by young blond women?”