Big oversight – blogging and magazines

Big oversight – blogging and magazines: I was so busy “taking Simon Dumenco to task” (as Jeff Jarvis put it) over his custom-publishing denial in the current issue of Folio: Magazine, that I forgot to mention that this issue has several great articles, including this one by Karen Holt about the potential role of weblogs for magazines. And, hey, it even includes a quote from a weblogger who is constantly trying to shy away from such media exposure in traditional print publications:

For several years, Rex Hammock has maintained his “rexblog,” an online discussion about magazines, to steer clients to Hammock Publishing, his association and custom-publishing business. “I’ve had direct economic benefits from doing it,” he says. “I’ve had clients contact me who never would have contacted me if I did-n’t have a blog.” The characteristics that attract readers to blogs are also the hallmarks of the best trade magazines, Hammock says-experts speaking in a distinctive voice, constantly updated information and an obsessive focus on the details of a subject. For example, blogging can be an ideal forum for communicating before, during and after trade shows, he says. “Blogging will have ramifications across what b-to-b publishers do.”

Oh no. I’ve been outted. The motives behind this blog have been discovered. I’m sorry. From here on out, I promise never again to use the rexblog to steer clients to Hammock Publishing. See, I didn’t even link to it when I mentioned it. Remember, this weblog IS NOT intended in any way to be a blatant promotion for Hammock Publishing (except, perhaps, for that blatant Hammock Publishing logo up there near the top).

Also, somewhat related to the topic of custom publishing, about which I promise never again to steer clients who need such services to that company I’m not going to mention, there is a great article that doesn’t quote me on the topic (I’m glad, really, as we all know how I don’t like such publicity) of business-to-business custom publishing by Anthony DeRico.

(Note: While Folio: Magazine hyphenates the words custom publishing when used as an adjective (correctly, I’m sure), I do not hyphenate it unless I forget that I don’t and throw one in by mistake (or correctly, as the case may be). I do, however, always put a colon behind the word Folio:.)

(Thanks for the reminder, Eddie.)