Glowing shelter-book concept

atomic ranchGlowing shelter-book concept: I don’t know how I missed Atomic Ranch when it was a vaporzine, however, the first issue appears to be available (where, I don’t know, but you can buy a subscription at I think the concept is quirky and off-beat, yet will appeal to a massive group of potential readers. A good play on the popularity of the economy-minded make-over shows on cable.

Quote from an article by the WP’s Annie Groer:

The ubiquitous, mid-century American ranch house – low slung, clean lined and wide open inside – now has its very own magazine. Atomic Ranch, planned as a quarterly, does not focus on fabulous custom homes designed by famous architects but rather on the millions of post-World War II tract houses that now are attracting buyers in their 20s and 30s…”

The magazine has an incredible brand that is instantly memorable and endlessly extendable. I hope the actual publication lives up to the promise its concept offers.