Jeff goes crotchety

Jeff goes crotchety: Jeff Jarvis points to a NY Times article that has as its headline, “The Blog Generation Takes Up Its Trowels” and notes that the story has only a lame link to blogging (one of the young, urban gardeners has a blog). But what really irks him is the “blogging generation” tag and its implication that weblogs can be reduced to a youthful fad.

And then, to drive home his point he makes this observation:

Well, look at that picture to the right with the gray beard (which, I’ll confess, is even grayer now; so’s the hair). Check out pix of (no offense, friends) Roger Simon or the ailing (well, maybe it should be a young person’s game) Glenn Reynolds or Rex Hammock (who’s just as old as I’m about to be but doesn’t look it). People of all ages are blogging. It’s not a generational moment. It’s a movement. It’s an era. Damnit.

Wow. I’ve been 50 for less than six weeks and already I’m an old fart poster child. And as noted in a comment on Jeff’s post, “it’s amazing what having a photoshop guru on ones staff can do for one’s appearance of youth.” For the record, I agree with Jeff. But he could have pointed to Doc Searls instead and it wouldn’t have hurt my feelings.