Customer magazine case study

Customer magazine case study: While I’ve been known to disagree whenever a publishing “agent” from the UK says their custom magazines are “more creative” or whatever than those from the U.S., I’ll admit that British marketers have a more enlightened understanding of the power of a magazine. As this case study from the UK Direct Marketing association shows, a business-to-business custom magazine can even help a broadcast property succeed.


Sky Business launched Preview, the monthly customer magazine for 28,000 Sky business subscribers, predominantly pubs, bars and clubs. With a mix of trade and sporting content, it aims to show licensees how they can profit from forthcoming sporting events shown on Sky Sports, while also providing industry insight to benefit their business. Preview is also used to market additional Sky products and services and communicate service enhancements such as channel launches.

By demonstrating the business-boosting opportunities provided by Sky Sports coverage and value of a subscription, the title aims to increase loyalty to the company and reduce customer cancellations