kerriartClever: I’ve never blogged an arts & crafts idea before, however, I couldn’t pass this one up. I noticed the 40″ x 30″ (or 30″ x 40″ if you turn it vertically) piece displayed here (click to enlarge) the other day in the office of Kerri Davis, a graphic designer at Hammock Publishing. Kerri, who has two young daughters, had created the work as a year-end gift for the director of a pre-school program one of them attends. The quilt patch-like 4″ squares were cut out from art-work the children have produced (you know, the kind found on the refrigerator of every parent and grandparent). By mounting (with a “glue stick – the archival, purple kind” and roller) the squares on the art board in such a neat way, Kerri has elevated refrigerator art into a piece that can be proudly and permanently displayed for years to come.