Secret formula?

Secret formula? I’ve haven’t posted many pictures (if any) to this weblog taken with my cell phone’s camera. But the other day I was driving down Harding Road in Nashville and was stopped behind this Coke truck. I couldn’t figure out what is that red stuff spraying out of the coke bottle: Catsup? Blood? Cherry juice? It can’t be coke, as coke is sorta a dark brown color, isn’t it? Since I was talking on the phone anyway (speaker phone, of course), I decided to take a picture and post it here to see if someone may have a theory on what that red stuff is?

3 thoughts on “Secret formula?

  1. It was actually a more vivid red than shows up on the picture. Almost like someone had thrown a giant tomato at the back of the truck and it had splattered all over the cap of the coke bottle.

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