An interview that may interest five people

An interview that may interest five people: Steve Rubel
has posted a recent Q & A with me
on his weblog, Micro Persuasion. Below are the questions he asked. I can’t wait to see how I answered them:

MP: Recently you participated in a meeting with President Bush on small business that was off limits to the press and then blogged it. Do you feel that you were selected because you are a prominent blogger read by media pros? Is it possible that the President had a message he wanted to get across in a relatively controlled environment?

MP: Your blog post following the Bush meeting sounds like participatory journalism. Why did you choose to blog it? Were you discouraged or even encouraged by the White House to blog it?

MP: Do you think the President of the United States gets blogging and participatory journalism? Did you mention to him that you are a revered blogger with five readers?

MP: What do you think of the Bush campaign blog? Think he reads it?

MP: Why stick with print media (e.g. custom publishing) rather than go to all blogs all the time, like Jason Calacanis and Nick Denton have done?

MP: In a public relations sense, is there anyone who shouldn’t have a blog? How do you feel about corporate blogging – official and unofficial?

MP: What is the impact of participatory journalism on custom publishing, the magazine industry overall and PR?

MP: Why should the next Bloggercon be held in Nashville?

MP: Finally, Rex I am only in my thirties, but I’m already going blind from reading the rexblog. Can you up the picas a bit?

4 thoughts on “An interview that may interest five people

  1. Rex, I thought it was great, and very thought-provoking on a few issues relevant to my employ.

    I just sent Mr. Rubel a nit-picky email as well – his link back to here was spelled “rexbolog.” I still have too much editor in me, I guess.

  2. Have to agree with the last question about the size of the type. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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