Do bloggers need ‘credentials’?

Do bloggers need ‘credentials’? The Boston Globe is reporting the DNC will be providing press credentials to selected bloggers. I feel certain the Republicans will be doing the same. Why not? I’m sure both parties would rather supportive bloggers cover their conventions than “hostile” reporters. What would be a more “citizens media” display would be for each party to provide a “delegate weblog” for all convention delegates who want one (perhaps Typepad or Blogger should do it anyway), providing each and every participant to share their personal-point-of-view of the proceedings so that the people back home who selected them as delegates will have a personal connection to the event. (Later: Jeff Jarvis makes a good point: Who cares? The conventions are newsless anyway.)

2 thoughts on “Do bloggers need ‘credentials’?

  1. Just as some dizzy small business owner recently blogged about his meeting with President Bush, what’s to stop non-credentialed bloggers from doing the same at the conventions? I hope Dr. Hunter Thompson blogs about them – I still get chills thinking of his description in “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72” of splitting a cap of black acid with John Chancellor.

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