Custom publishing update?

Custom publishing update? Actually, this article isn’t about custom publishing. However, it’s about Clear Channel offering marketers a custom publishing-type approach to live events and entertainment…and ultimately TV. But like custom publishing, there is nothing new about this concept. Indeed, the early days of both radio and television broadcasting in America had lots of “branded entertainment,” from soap operas (Guiding LIght, for example, is owned by Proctor & Gamble) to the Texaco brand on entertainment properties ranging from the Jack Benny Show (I think, but I’m not quite old enough to be sure) to the Metropolitan Opera radio broadcast. But then, come to think of it, doesn’t Budweiser (and dozens of other brands) sponsor NASCAR teams and races and TV properties they spawn. And country music tours are branded by everything from Bud Light to Crystal Lite. Come to think of it, there is absolutely no news in this news.