Way too much of a good thang

Way too much of a good thang: If you’re looking for a case to carry around your 40 iPods like designer Karl Lagerfeld owns (see “update” below), you can purchase one of these $1,500 Fendi bags. (picture via Wired.com).

Okay, let’s do the math:

At 10,000 tracks per iPod (surely these are 40 GB), that’s 400,000 songs (roughly 57 percent of the iTunes store inventory). Which equals (according to an extrapolation of Apple’s math on this page), 160 weeks (or 3 years and four weeks) of music playing 24/7. And if you were to purchase all that music from the iTunes store, it would cost you roughly $396,000. The $1,500 pricetag for the case seems like a steal. (I wonder if Fendi will be advertising in the magazine mentioned in the previous post.)

[Update: I guess I should have read the entire story before doing the math. The case apparently holds 12 iPods, but Lagerfield does report that he owns 40 (and one really ugly jogging suit). He uses them to store tracks from his collection of 60,000 CDs. You can do the math on what that cost him and how many hours of music they hold.]

One thought on “Way too much of a good thang

  1. I’m relieved to know he isn’t on the RIAA’s targeting radar. I guess. Maybe he’d look as good in an orange jumpsuit as Martha. But I have to believe that a busy guy like he doesn’t do his own transferring or downloading of tracks. That’s what interns are for.

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