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o O: In an effort to keep the five readers of the rexblog on top of all the magazine inside poop, this weblog would like to report that because there is a spin-off of O the Oprah Magazine called O at Home, around their office, the O staff call the Original O the Oprah Magazine by this nickname: “The Big O.” (My apologies if, after the set up, the punchline was anti-climatic.)

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  1. Well I picked up a copy of O at Home yesterday. Hmmm. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it. I didn’t even want to read the house/room makeover articles at the end. However, I flipped through far enough to discover this feature in the middle where they help you put rugs & art with your sofa. And — clever — the pages for the feature are cut twice [over & under the sofa] so you can mix & match the rugs and art with different sofas. Well that got me REALLY intrigued to see what else they were doing and I read the rest of the book, which was better than I thought at first glance.

    Verdict: It was like a restaurant on opening night. I’m going to reserve judgment til I see their regular performance in a few months. I don’t think this is the real thing yet.

  2. Thank you, Laura. You are this weblog’s favorite go-to expert on this paraticular genre. Myself, I would rather not actually pick up a copy of a magazine before reviewing it.

  3. No worries. I’ll let you know when it’s time to take a look @ O@Home. Actually, I think it would have been EXTREMELY difficult for O@H to live up to my high expectations…I think O is just such a spectacular magazine, that it would have been astounding if this had reached that bar. I’m willing to give it a little time.

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