A vaporzine joke

A vaporzine joke: How do you make a small fortune in the magazine business? Start with a large fortune and launch a comedy entertainment magazine.


Comedy Entertainment Magazine will a wide cover a range of comedy related subjects, such as sitcoms and nightclubs, as well as family-oriented entertainment. The magazine will be distributed free to patrons of more than 125 comedy clubs nationwide, including Caroline’s in New York, Second City in Chicago, and The Improv in Los Angeles. The magazine will also be sold at newsstands and at various retail outlets. Potomac Media LLC in Washington will handle national advertising sales. (Via: Media Post.)

(Note: Now that I’ve used it twice, I’ve decided to make “how to make a small fortune in the magazine business” the “official joke” of this weblog. For the record, I would like to credit magazine legend Keith Crane as its source (for me, at least). I feel certain he was covering someone else’s original line, but that’s the way it is with joke memes.)