Middle School Vaporzine Studies

Middle School Vaporzine Studies: As a rising eigth grader in this weblog’s household would benefit from this program, I’m considering moving to Hortonville, Wisc., next year after reading about a 20-year-old program that all would-be magazine entreprenuers should be required to take.


Hortonville Middle School students spent seven weeks on DEADLINE, a project in which the 150 students created and edited their own magazine by collecting from their peers articles, advertisements and art.

Students create a theme, title and description for the magazine. They also write query letters to solicit for fake money to help finance the magazine. Then they collect magazine content from their peers.

One of the major skills necessary to the project is the ability to proofread and edit, McMorrow said. If an article had errors, it was not a reflection on the writer but that of the editor, she said.

Students also had to avoid bankruptcy, which in the game of DEADLINE means that a student would go bankrupt, or lose points, if they did not meet their deadline.

Now, that’s education!