A very class project

A very class project: Yesterday, I blogged a middle school magazine program. Today, I’m blogging what happens when those kids grow up and go to a high-powered journalism school and produce an impressive student-project that appears to be designed specifically for the five readers of this weblog. Students at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism have recently completed this year’s edition of the New York Review of Magazines. The website-version of the publication has a lot of witty and insightful (I don’t use the “sn***y” word) articles about inside-magazine topics, including this piece about how Newsweek editors select covers that is a great compliment to the ongoing rexblog feature, Clone Covers.

A great project. A+ work. Hire these people.

(Not to be picky, but the website is a little confusing, however it’s better than the PDF format used in the past. The best way to navigate it, I’m guessing, is via the links in the left-hand navigation bar.)