New rexblog contest – Re-Name that Magazine

New rexblog contest – Re-Name that Magazine: This weblog has decided to start a new contest (please, no wagering) called “Re-name that Magazine.”

I was inspired by a press release announcing that with its October issue, 101communications‘ magazine, Microsoft Certified Professional will become Redmond Magazine “with a new look and a new tagline: The Independent Voice of the Microsoft IT Community.” (Not to be confused with this Redmond Magazine or, for that matter, this magazine from Redmond, Washington, called “Focus on Redmond”.)

Do you have another suggestion for what they should have named the magazine? (Sorry, Evil Empire Insider is already taken.) Add your suggestion for “Names they should have chosen” as a comment below.

One thought on “New rexblog contest – Re-Name that Magazine

  1. Evil Empire is funny, but the more I think about it, the more the name Redmond sounds cool. I can’t think of a single computer or networking magazine that doesn’t have some boring words in the name like PC, Network, Info, or Computer, and half of them have World at the end. Redmond is a refreshing departure. How many more boring high tech mags with boring high tech names do we need?

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