This just in

This just in: Bill Gates describes to Jeff Bezos, Michael Dell, Carly Fiorina, Barry Diller and other top business executives how blogs work and suggests that they can be used as a tool for businesses to communicate with customers. (I can’t help noting the similarity of Gates’ profundity with that of my Hammock Publishing colleague, John Lavey, who is forever coming up with wild predictions related to the notion that in the future, computers will play an important role in our lives.)

Follow-up posts:

  • Rather than my drivel, Jeff Jarvis actually provides insightful commentary on what Gates is telegraphing to the world.)
  • Joi Ito asks MS blogger, Scoble: “Scoble, can you give us the inside skinny? Is this going to turn into a Google-Atom vs. Microsoft-RSS war as the article insinuates?”
  • Then, just like that, Scoble answers with his “personal opinions” of what this is all about.
  • Another rexblog friend, Steve Rubel, says what he thinks this means.
  • And for today’s final word on this topic, Doc says this is what the speech sounds like to him: … blah blah networking blah blah storage blah blah tablets, blah blah RFID, blah blah templates, blah blah RSS, blah blah spam, blah blah MSDN… Huh? wtf? Rewind….