>Rochester, Minn. – the new home of hip

Rochester, Minn. – the new home of hip: According to this story via Minnesota Public Radio, “Erik Westra and three friends had an idea. They wanted to create a magazine they would want to read.” (I guess this is unlike those who have the idea of wanting to create a magazine they wouldn’t want to read. Actually, this is not so unusual, as I once blogged a magazine launched by Marty Wombacher who was so fed up with the magazine industry that he launched a magazine called Marty’s Magazine that was written and marketed only to himself.) Where was I? Oh, yes. Erik Westra. So, after a year a half and $5,000, Erik and his friends have started Ladies and Gentlemen (which has a clever URL, www.lagmag.com). The magazine has no advertising and only small independent record stores and bookstores can carry it, and it is packaged with a vinyl record. Sounds like something Marty and I might like.