The Oxford American shall rise again

The Oxford American shall rise again: Great news for those of us who are Oxford American fans…and google knows, I’ve said that I am many, many times on this weblog. Anyway, here’s the story:

The University of Central Arkansas and the Oxford American announced a partnership on Saturday that will bring the critically acclaimed Southern literary magazine to Conway. The university said it signed a three-year, $490,000 contract with Oxford American founder Marc Smirnoff on May 17.

All that’s great, except when you read the last paragraph:

University officials said the contract would not be funded with state money or money from student tuition. Instead, Hardin has said the goal of the project is to generate revenue through subscriptions and advertising to help pay off the university’s initial investment.

Those who read this weblog can imagine what my response is to the trainwreck-in-the-making nature of that comment, however, I’m skipping those remarks tonight. I will say only that I am grateful for each and every issue of the Oxford American that will be published under this relationship.

This is indeed great news.