How do you feel about this magazine?

How do you feel about this magazine:: According to MediaPost, “the two biggest print advertisers–General Motors and Procter & Gamble–have quietly signed up to use controversial new magazine audience research that will tell them not just how many people read the magazines they plan and buy, but also what their emotional connections are with the titles and their content. The research is controversial because some of the biggest magazine publishing groups are concerned that the data may destabilize the dominant market positions their publications have enjoyed on the basis of the traditional magazine industry currency, Mediamark Research Inc.’s (MRI) audience estimates.”

I suggest a research modality that includes breaking into homes to photograph readers’ coffee tables revealing which magazines are displayed, thus rewarding magazine brands that have readers willing to define themselves by the magazine. Extra credit goes to magazines that can prove readers have themselves tatooed with the publication’s brand.

(rexblog flashback: 6.23.03 “Enter post common-sense-era”)