She’s baaack

She’s baaack: In news from the fifth ring of vaporzine hell, gossip columnist Roger Friedman of Fox News is “telling us exclusively” that:

(Rosie) O’Donnell is working on a prototype for a magazine that will target gay families. Tentatively titled R Family, the new magazine will be subscriber based and distributed by LPI Liberation Publications Inc., the same company that publishes gay publications such as The Advocate, Out and Out Traveler.

In his column, Friedman predicts the magazine will be:

Hilariously awful in most places, with an incoherent script and questionable acting…

Oh, wait. That’s not about the magazine. That’s what he’s saying about the movie, “The Day After.” (later: this item has now been replaced.)

(Note I: For those new to the rexblog, I’m not a big fan of Rosie’s magazine work, although I understand she’s a really nice person.)

(Note II: The Fox News gossip columnist Roger Friedman should never be confused with the legendary magazine publisher (and one of this weblog’s personal heroes), Roger Friedman.)