Vaporzine weekly

Vaporzine weekly? In an adjective-rich story, Folio: reports that David Bradley, chairman and owner of Atlantic Media, is “actively researching the prospect of creating” a national weekly news magazine. (“Actively researching the prospect of creating.” Parse that. While I can’t determine exactly what the phrase means, I am actively considering the prospect of making it a part of the definition of the word vaporzine.) According to the article, Bradley apparently has actively researched the prospect enough to know that the new title won’t be associated with the company’s “venerable” flagship book, Atlantic Monthly, often referred to by the less-venerable-sounding name, The Atlantic. What a shame, however: Atlantic Weekly would have worked so well.

Sources have told Folio: that the “nascent” magazine may be based on the “well-respected” German magazine Der Spiegel, which this weblog finds puzzling as I doubt very many Americans can speak German, much less read it. I think Folio: has this story confused: More likely, Atlantic Media is considering the prospect of creating a weekly shopping magazine based on the venerable and well-respected Spiegel Catalog.

(via the venerable and well-respected Romensko.)

The young and the wordless

The young & the wordless: As reported on this weblog last December and predicted even earlier, Abercrombie & Fitch didn’t really “kill” A&F Quarterly, they merely renamed it “Young”, took out all the words and let Bruce Weber shoot in black and white rather than in color (or did they just use some outtakes of his late 80s work for Calvin Klein?).

You gotta love this quote:

“Unike the quarterly, ‘Young’ is a collection of black and white photographs of models wearing our brand clothes and there’s no editorial content in it at all,” (spokesman Tom) Lennox said. According to Lennox, the retailer quietly began distributing the publication in April to a limited list of its former quarterly subscribers.

There is no mention of Young on the Abercrombie site (unlike all the press releases about Colors on the Benetton site), but you can find samples of it on eBay.

Hammock man update

Hammock man update: To answer the flood of e-mails asking me (okay, the one e-mail asking me), I will not be blogging another meeting with the President tonight. While he is currently a few blocks away from rexblog headquarters and will soon attend a fund-raiser at the home of one of this weblog’s closest friends, a sentence from a story in today’s Tennessean will answer why I won’t be blogging this time around:

Bush will end the day with a fund-raiser at the Hillsboro Pike home of Cathy and Clay Jackson: $2,000 per person or couple at a reception, $10,000 to pose for photos and $25,000 for dinner.

Gee. I didn’t realize how valuable this was.

Useless magazine research

What magazines do the candidates’ backers read? Proving once more that most research provides little insight, a recent study from a company I won’t embarass by naming, came up with this gem: the top five magazines read by the two major presidential candidates’ supporters:

Bush Supporters Kerry Supporters Undecided
Readers Digest People Readers Digest
People Readers Digest People
Time Time Womens Day
Womens Day Newsweek Cosmopolitan
Sports Illustrated Maxim Sports Illustrated

Maxim? Huh? Does this have anything to do with Jeff Jarvis’ Stern vote theory?

(via MediaPost’s “Center for Media Research” Research Brief)

Reminder – Nashville to honor WW II veterans

Reminder – Nashville to honor WW II veterans: Don’t forget, if you’re in Middle-Tennessee, please spread the word about a very special event honoring World War II veterans this Saturday, May 29, at the National Guard Armory (near 100 Oaks) (more information here). World War II veterans in this area who are unable to travel to Washington D.C. this weekend for the dedication of the National World War II Memorial will still have a chance to be recognized and honored by their fellow citizens and family-members.