Friendly disagreement

Friendly disagreement: Rexblog friend Buzzmachine thinks rexblog friend Micro Persuasion’s blog-only experiment is a bogus PR gimmick. It’s a good thing that rexblog friend Micro Persuasion is a PR guy and despite its bogosity, the gimmick is getting lots of, well, PR, so I guess everyone should be happy. For the record, this weblog agrees with its friend Buzzmachine as that weblog bought this weblog dinner recently.

(Later: This weblog has changed its opinion of Micro Persuasion’s bogus gimmick. It’s no longer a bogus gimmick. And really, this change has nothing to do with Micro Persuasion inviting this weblog to dinner [see comments].)

(Even Later: This weblog has decided to waffle more than a presidential candidate as the weblog BuzzMachine counter-comments with a “guilt-free” offer. However, I will say to both Micro Persuasion & BuzzMachine, I’m inviting you both to dinner so we can work this whole thing out…and I’m picking up the tab.)

3 thoughts on “Friendly disagreement

  1. Dinner AND drinks AND dessert and no morning-after guilt from having been bought dinner by a PR guy.
    I win.

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