The young and the wordless

The young & the wordless: As reported on this weblog last December and predicted even earlier, Abercrombie & Fitch didn’t really “kill” A&F Quarterly, they merely renamed it “Young”, took out all the words and let Bruce Weber shoot in black and white rather than in color (or did they just use some outtakes of his late 80s work for Calvin Klein?).

You gotta love this quote:

“Unike the quarterly, ‘Young’ is a collection of black and white photographs of models wearing our brand clothes and there’s no editorial content in it at all,” (spokesman Tom) Lennox said. According to Lennox, the retailer quietly began distributing the publication in April to a limited list of its former quarterly subscribers.

There is no mention of Young on the Abercrombie site (unlike all the press releases about Colors on the Benetton site), but you can find samples of it on eBay.