Vaporzine weekly

Vaporzine weekly? In an adjective-rich story, Folio: reports that David Bradley, chairman and owner of Atlantic Media, is “actively researching the prospect of creating” a national weekly news magazine. (“Actively researching the prospect of creating.” Parse that. While I can’t determine exactly what the phrase means, I am actively considering the prospect of making it a part of the definition of the word vaporzine.) According to the article, Bradley apparently has actively researched the prospect enough to know that the new title won’t be associated with the company’s “venerable” flagship book, Atlantic Monthly, often referred to by the less-venerable-sounding name, The Atlantic. What a shame, however: Atlantic Weekly would have worked so well.

Sources have told Folio: that the “nascent” magazine may be based on the “well-respected” German magazine Der Spiegel, which this weblog finds puzzling as I doubt very many Americans can speak German, much less read it. I think Folio: has this story confused: More likely, Atlantic Media is considering the prospect of creating a weekly shopping magazine based on the venerable and well-respected Spiegel Catalog.

(via the venerable and well-respected Romensko.)