People-to-people solutions

People-to-people solutions: Thanks to Jeff Jarvis for helping me learn more about the work of Spirit of America (You can learn more in Dan Gillmor’s Sunday column about it.} Frankly, as someone who reads a fair amount of history, especially early American history (a benefit from part of the day job), it is frustrating to witness the shrilly defeatist realtime coverage of the aftermath of the war in Iraq. Pick up any of the great books written in recent years about our nation’s founders (my current favorite is Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow) and it will strike you as miraculous that our nation survived the decades following our own Revolutionary War. The aftermath of any war is hell. It is chaos defined. Why those who analyze and report this war think it should be any different boggles me.

Yet rather than stew in my frustration, I have decided to join forces with Jeff and other supporters of Spirit of America…to at least do something positive about helping to the address the current chaos. First, I will be contributing (and encouraging others to join me) to the organization’s efforts to match the needs of everyday Iraqis with the generousity of everyday Americans. These are people-to-people, grassroots efforts. Spirit of America has already responded to many requests of in-country U.S. military forces and other U.S. personnel for humanitarian, educational and technological resources needed by Iraqi citizens surrounding them.

I hope you will join me in supporting Spirit of America and in letting others know about its (or better: ours, yours and mine) efforts.